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What is SAP ?

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What is SAP ?

what is SAP: Many people also use “SAP” because the company is legally registered in the European Union, and SE stands for Societies European . SAP is not an abbreviation; it is an initialism, which means the correct pronunciation is S-A-P. (pronounce it with individual letters). SAP is a European multinational corporation founded in 1972 by Tsira, Plattner, Hector, Hope, and Wellenreuter. The goal was to create software to manage customer and business operations relationships. As of 2010, SAP had over 140,000 establishments worldwide, with over 25 industry-specific businesses serving over 75,000 customers in 120 countries. That is why SAP is the market leader in ERP. Other SAP software competitors, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, and others, are available. Despite this, SAP is widely regarded as the best of the best. SAP, in a nutshell, covers almost every aspect of business management. It offers solutions for inventions, distribution, logistics, and finance, among other things.

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