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Workday HCM Training in Hyderabad

Our Workday HCM training in Ameerpet, Hyderabad offer course certification, Placement assistance, excellent course material and also share project scenarios which are similar to what you work when you go to the corporate environment. Call @ 9603184671

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    Introduction to Workday HCM Modules

    The design of the workday HCM module is based on cloud services and created to offer ground-up management tasks. Human capital management is one of the globally accepted business applications in handling human resources. The essential tasks undertaken by human capital management include payrolls and benefits, human resource management, talent management system, time, recruitment, and attendance.

    Workday HCM Course Content

    1. Core Concepts and Navigation Basics

    •  Overview
    • Core Concepts
    • Business Objects
    • Basic Navigation from Worker Profile level
    • Additional Navigation Topics

    2. Organizations in workday

    •  Overview
    • Supervisory organizations
    • Reorganization

    What we need to learn on it: Create location, Reorganization, Supervisory

    Managing Supervisory Organizations

    What we need to learn on it: Create subordinate Supervisory organizations
    Dividing Supervisory organizations

    Assign Superior Organizations

    Additional Organization types and Organizational Hierarchies

    What we need to learn on it: Create a company organization
    3.Organization Hierarchies

    What we need to learn on it: Create a cost centre and cost centre Hierarchies.
    Add location to Location Hierarchy

    Organizational Assignments.

    4. Staffing Models

    • Hiring Restrictions

    5. Jobs and positions

    • Job profiles
    •  Differentiating Job Profiles, Job families and job family groups.

    What we need to learn on it Creating a job profile

    •  Creating positions and jobs

    What we need to learn on it: Create Positions

    6. Compensation

    • Compensation overview
    •  Compensation Eligibility Rules

    What we need to learn on it Create Compensation rules
    Compensation Grades
    What we need to learn on it Create compensation Grade and assign to job profiles

    • Compensation plans
    • Compensation Package

    What we need to learn on it Create Compensation Plans and Compensation

    Compensation Rule Assignment

    •  Compensation Events
    • Total Compensation Report
    •  Compensation Reports

    7. Hiring Workers

    Process overview

    •  Hire Process

    What we need to learn on it Hire into Supervisory Organization
    8. Workday Configurable Security

    • Configurable Security
    •  Security Groups

    What we need to learn on it Security Group Assignments
    Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies

    What we need to learn on it: Navigate Functional Areas and View Security for
    Securable Item

    Modify Domain Security Policy
    Modify Business Process Security Policy

    Business Process Steps Hire into Supervisory organization
    9. Configuring Business Processes

    •  Business Process Step Configuration

    What we need to learn on it: Configure
    10. Reporting Creation

    What we need to learn on it: Types of reports, Creation, Data Sources, BO&RBO.

    •  Types of Reports
    •  Alerts configuration
    •  Dashboards
    • Calculate fields creation

    11. Integration Creations

    What we need to learn on it: Creation of all Integration tools.

    • EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder) Inbound/Outbound
    • CCW (Core Connecter worker) Template
    • DT (Document Transformation)
    •  Picof (Payroll Interface) Template
    • Studio (Inbound/outbound)

    Benefits of HCM:

    • HCM tool helps in enhancing the complete picture of the workforce.
    • Complete people’s pricing and contingent laborers understanding is enabled by the HCM tool.
    • The self-service system in HCM helps in empowering the people and leadership quality.
    • Configuring the system for future business needs can be done quickly by the users themselves.
    • The users can take the right action against the workforce using the decision-making tool.

    Modules of HCM:

    The main modules of Human capital management, which makes it one of the globally accepted tools, are discussed below. 

    • Human resource management 
    • Benefits of administration
    • Talent management
    • Workforce planning and analytics
    • Big data analytics
    • Recruitment
    • Payroll solutions
    • Time tracking
    • Project and work management.

    Workday HCM eases the complexity and business-related issues at the time of development. The main usage of the HCM tool is done for payroll, human resource management, and financial departments. Talent management helps organizations to create, define, and manage eventful and unique goals. The performance management tool in Workday provides accurate performance, real-time workforce insights, and skill development needs. In identifying the best employees across the enterprises, a workday succession planning tool is used, which can captivate the users with highly skilled and potential employees and avoid disapproving leaderships. Workday Career and Development planning tools are used in the employee’s careers and future insights.